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All Petroleum Engineering areas cover our main specialties while we are known as experts when comes to any innovative or advanced area such as EOR, Unconventional, Fracturing, RE Simulation, Advanced PTA, Drilling Automation Services, G&G, RE & Petrophysics advanced software's for Log Analysis, Earth Modeling, Properties verification for accurate reserves or infill drilling. We will take responsibility for all your critical decisions.

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Digital E&P Enterprise Management

Through our highly innovative approach for connecting all your fields and through all your software needs, we are experts with making your enterprise a truly digitally oriented state of the art where our cloud based storage and latest networking tools will enable an effective enterprise management where top management can take huge decisions through the smart and intelligent technologies offered by us.

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Advanced Oil and Energy Services

Advanced Oil and Energy Services is a vast scoped multi-disciplinary organization which is currently in developmental phase. We are aimed to transform its upstream Oil & Gas sector through Digital Innovation Implementation, Robust technological approach for its perfect Model development with Digitally accurate dynamics building capable to carry out the top management high stakes decisions and enabling to operate entire component of every well remotely with Field & Pipeline Fencing in a way eliminating old tradition and adapting Internet of Things for Oil & Gas.

The 3rd scope is the Power Generation sector through Clean Energy Implementation, we cover the upstream Production end of both Oil/Gas & Clean Power services following world’s highest standards and environment conscious.

We would entertain any idea and welcome worldwide investors through world’s most trusted and reputed financial auditors/guarantors. Our strategy is fair play open book as currently no other brand is operating with such vast scope. Our aim is to expand ourselves globally after successful objectives achievements in Pakistan.


Partnershiped with World's Top Companies who are recognized as leaders in each of their domains, available to you at one single platform, reducing your operational costs and adding Quality, Accuracy, Advanced and Intelligent partner who will look after your key areas, hence making conventional domain highly smarter and intelligent.

Call us or request for a detailed presentation, where we will show how we are intending to transform entire E&P Operating Structure at extremely low costs.


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