Digital Oilfield Innovation

Digital Oilfield Innovation | Digital Energy | Implementation of Smart Fields | Intelligent Completions | Remote Well Control | Fiber Optic & Efficient Wireless Transmission | Accurate MPFM's | Downhole Cameras | Digital Wellhead Panels, Gauges, Sensors measuring each Production parameter | Gas Metering Calibration | Real Time 0ms delay Reservoir Surveillance | Satellite Internet | Intelligent Fencing | Eliminating Manpower | Remote Switching | Smart Power Production Services and various other related. Full Package | End to End Solution through world's leading manufacturer partnershiped with us.


Upstream Oil & Gas Software Services

Reservoir Modelling | Robust Dynamic Simulation linked with Real-Time Field Data | Static Model Development | Reserves at all stages | Production Logging Analysis | Reservoir Surveillance | Production Technology Experts, Modeling, Analysis, Interpretation including PTA/RTA, Advanced Well Testing, Formation Testing, PDG Data Analysis, Integrated Production Modeling, System Analysis, Artificial Lift, Pipelines, Petrophysics, G&G, Mechanical Modelling, Plant & Field Design Layout, Languages, SAP and Digital IT Solutions. This would also be a full end to end solution combined with Digital Oilfield Services. A-Z Solution all at one platform.


Smart Power Production Services

Supporting the entire Digital Energy Clean Source sector with support services, digital measurements and instrumentation. The same scope being applied to Upstream Oil & Gas will be applied here in order to diversify ourselves through being involved in all innovative aspects of Smart Power Generation and through Clean Sources through Digital means. We will also provide Cloud Based, Digital Enterprise Management Services to be linked with key Decision making parameters by Senior Executives and such efforts will assist Pakistan's Energy Crisis. Quality Standards and choice of World's top vendors is what makes us unique.



Digital E&P Enterprise Management | Petroleum Engineering Software's | Analysis | Interpretations | Completion Operations Troubleshooting |  Production Enhancement | Reservoir Characterization | Unconventional Plays | Clean Energy

Services, Consultancy, training, contracting and R&D/Specialized Trainings/education

We are pioneers in the Oilfield industry in Pakistan who will bring in such innovative services through world's top vendors have done partnership with us while our rates are extremely low and such fields which require EOR, Hydraulic Fracturing or Carbon Capture, Water Handling, Low Heating Value or any other innovative area operation then please contact us as we will take charge of entire operation working with world's top leaders of such technologies. Upper Indus, Middle Indus, Lower Indus, Makran, Offshore, Thar, Sulieman, Balochistan, KPK, Kashmir are such areas which require innovational technologies implementation, hence such huge market is the motivation that we have opened such a Company whose most employees are hired through our Overseas quota and we will provide numerous other services which will help before buying any Block or field as we have tools which can evaluate good enough whether your investment is good or not. Such type of was Company will be first time in Pakistan's history as well as we are also intending to train young youth of Pakistan by providing them quality education within Oil & Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as our natural resources are massive but we lack skills to utilize our own potential to become self sufficient.

Research CENTER

The Research Center has two sub divisions which are R&D's Specialized Training's related to our innovative domains and Digital Utility. Our R&D section besides Transforming Oil & Energy are also involved with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud IoT, Smart Buildings, EV's, Digital Media, BioMedical and Communications. Please feel free to inquire more related to this Billion Dollar Mega Transformation of Pakistan.


digitalization | smart power | digital utility

At Islamabad, related to the innovative concepts related to Utilities Distribution adapting Smart Power Production and Smart Metering Systems. This would cover all Energy core areas of focus comes under the downstream end. Linked with the R&D section and partnershiping with the Giants of Innovation, Our Digital Utility Concept is set to transform Pakistan's biggest hurdle, i.e. Power Shortfall. We are seeking EoI's from both local and foreign companies and we request contributions so to excel at rapid acceleration.


We are at your door step

We will provide all our customers with world's highest standard following customer service, which is only to build our Trademark.