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Our Approach

Innovation Enthusiast 1st Pakistani Company in terms of broad based scope of work by providing all innovative services at one single platform. Our aim is to assist all top E&P in Pakistan to explore maximum possible and move onto unconventional since our strategy is to make conventional highly smarter, digital and intelligent. The same passion and vision will be applied worldwide.

Our Story

This Company is derived by the research done by our Founder & CEO Mr. Aslam over Digital Oilfield Implementation, his expert level skills with all software's related to Oil & Gas industry while based on his  previous research over Wireless Power Transmission and need to implement Clean Energy where the nation is desperate to become self sufficient, here we want to dedicate ourselves so Pakistan utilizes all its natural resources. We are a team of both local and international experts with a vision to join the Fortune Top 100 Companies Club, while contributing for the welfare of this nation simultaneously. We very soon will be expanding all over Asia, Middle East and later North America as they are the one who are leaders in innovation and by working closely with US experts we will provide all innovative, advanced and digital services covering each and every area of future at extremely low rates as money is not important to us but our Trademark credibility is all what matters to us since we have started this Company although as private but to contribute for the welfare of this nation.

All innovation enthusiasts are requested to contact us immediately.


Highly Analytical, Multi Visionary having experience in all Upstream and Power domains with three multi disciplinary degrees. He has studied, worked and lived in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia as well as extensive worldwide traveling exposure has envisioned him to dedicate himself for Pakistan to lead globally.


We are seeking highly motivated, passionate leaders for these important position worldwide. We are looking forward to hear from all industry's leaders to contact us on immediate basis as Q4 2018 will mark the operational start of this great Company who is set to assist all major E&P's in Pakistan as well as all major IOC's globally.



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All foreign IOC's, local E&P Companies, Consultants or even Services Companies are welcome to contact us and as mentioned our first service will be free so this is the perfect opportunity to avail the services of currently among the top in the market. We cover your maximum innovative needs. Call Now.