Sustainable food: can we fix the supply chain? | Episode1 Exploring future possibilities

Go behind the scenes at PA Consulting's Global Innovation Technology Centre (GITC) as we plan a sustainable food future. In our new video series, we take you behind the scenes at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre. We’ve taken a pressing global issue – the sustainability of our food supply chain – and set our brightest creative brains the challenge of finding a solution. Episode 1 – exploring future possibilities In the first episode of the series, our design team starts investigating how we can better manage food production, storage and consumption by imagining ‘Future Worlds’. This foresight tool gives a framework for anticipating a range of future scenarios. We can then work out what we need to do to prepare for our preferred future. After spending a day bringing together everyone’s ideas and delving into every aspect of the food supply chain, the team outlined four possible futures. ‘Spoiled for choice’ is a future like the privileged world many of us live in today. There’s plenty of food and we consume as individuals, so we enjoy convenience, overindulgence and health consciousness. ‘Sharing is caring’ is a future that takes the Danish concept of hygge to its extreme. There’s plenty of food and we consume communally, so society comes together to buy, cook, store and dispose of food. ‘Maximum efficiency’ is a future where community efforts mitigate a limited food supply. Society comes together to drive efficiency, reduce costs and ensure continued access to more than just staple foods. ‘Hunger games’ is a future where individualism and limited food supplies shape society. Enjoyment of food is a lower priority than convenience and nutrition. With these four futures mapped, the next step for our team is to brainstorm ingenious ideas that will ensure we reach the most sustainable possible scenario. Ingenuity has the power to build a positive human future in our technology-driven world. We know that because we see it every day. Our experts create innovative ideas to improve people’s lives constantly. It’s an amazing achievement, but how is such consistent disruption possible?

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