Sustainable food: Developing a storage system and UI to order and monitor food | Episode 4

Ingenuity has the power to build a positive human future in our technology-driven world. We know that because we see it every day. Our experts create innovative ideas to improve people’s lives constantly. It’s an amazing achievement, but how is such consistent disruption possible? In our new video series, we take you behind the scenes at our Global Innovation and Technology Centre. We’ve taken a pressing global issue – the sustainability of our food supply chain – and set our brightest creative brains the challenge of finding a solution. Sustainable food: developing a storage system and user interface to ordering and monitoring food | Episode 4 In the earlier episodes of the series, our design team investigated how to better manage food production, storage and consumption by imagining ‘Future Worlds’. They then decided on the best approach to take and started to design an entirely new system for sustainable storage, consumption and disposal. They then gathered user insights and put the user at the centre of the design process, testing ideas and rapidly iterating designs. In this final episode, they are developing a storage system and a new user interface to order and monitor food.

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